Fun, Fresh, Fabulous! Monday, Aug 31 2009 

I have made this newest graphic featuring jen (jeremyn2005). This is just a fun graphic that I thought was fresh and fabulous, hence the post’s title! I am very proud of this piece of work, and I hope you are as pleased as I am with it!

Feel free to comment with your thoughts!

Caught In The Storm Sunday, Aug 30 2009 

Here is my first graphic to be posted here on my art gallery. The story of this image is basically Olivia (Puccapo) is walking home at night from a fashion viewing, she is just a simple girl who adores fashion, and on her way home, she gets caught in a lightning storm. That was basically the whole idea and thought process behind this design. However, if you interperet it in a different way, that is also okay, because art is meant to be interpereted and expressed in different manners.

I believe that is probably a Herve Leger bandage dress, but I am not sure, but if anyone knows if my assumption is correct feel free to comment, or just comment with your opinion of the graphic.

Hello world! Sunday, Aug 30 2009 

Hello, everyone. I am Lindsey, or as some of you may know me as, glamour1 on Stardoll. I have started this blog to feature fashion articles and mostly my own graphic creations. And I may even feature some excellent graphics made by some very talented graphic designers! I shall be posting my first graphic for the blog here soon! I am very excited and I hope you will enjoy every design I make!